Ceilings - Traces / by Laura Kebby

For those of you who have been able to face the hell fire that is the heat wave we are currently living, may have noticed a little forecast I wrote for the February issue of your favourite local zine.

In amongst the list of some incredibly great local artists, sits perhaps one of my favourite local outfits - Ceilings, and I have been waiting so so long to wrap my ears around some new music by the creative electro pop geniuses, and yesterday... ohhhh hot damn did they deliver! 

Traces, their second single, runs true to theme. A collection of beautiful soundscapes depicting an eerie yet beautiful sense of openness, leading the listener by the hand from beginning to end.

There's such a lightness to Holly's voice, particularly at the beginning of the track, that conjures  images of colliding fingertips and catching breath amongst hidden spaces. 

But it's the way the track slowly builds, almost blindsiding you, emulating that first cold breath of winter that makes Traces yet another winner for Ceilings. It is fresh, daring, and exactly what I was hoping for. 

You can stream Traces right this very second! But... you, the true music fan, will obviously want to carry this little gem around with you wherever you go and luckily you can also purchase it from iTunes and support your local artists.