Ceilings - Slow Motion (Double A-Side) digital split. / by Kian West

Finally, new music from Ceilings. Fronted by the always graceful Holly Wilson and a brilliant ensemble of artists, Ceilings often remind me of the Aussie band George who were big in the 90s on Triple J. Mix that in with this layered textural synth vibe that is danc'y but not really for dancing to... 

'Forever Dear' has this vocal slow burn as a story is told... building in a way that makes me think of Sia, not that they are at all really musically similar beyond how she always seems to tell stories that end in that epic kind-of "Hero" moment. The synth lines making me think of early MGMT. 

'Some other kind' has more of a rock edge to it. 

Both brilliant. I'm no musical critic, hit play, tell me what you think. 

Sure, you can listen to both tracks here for free... but don't be a dickhead, if you like them, buy them! $3.38 on iTunes and it goes a little way to support the artists.