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Paper Thin EP - A Review by Laura Kebby

I’ve written before about the music community and the amount of talent that seems to circulate, generating an apparently endless stream of talented musos doing talented things. This particular project however, seems to be the absolute cream of the crop. From my very first listen I was so full of pride at exactly how evident this is, in terms of the hard work that has gone into creating this EP. Paper Thin, the new project from Newy heavyweights, Spencer, William, Liam and Aidan have produced an EP that even prior to its release was generating a whole heap of hype. And rightfully so. Although some may be quick to liken their sound to a mash up of Wil Wagner (particularly the early ‘Us Boys Run’ sound) with the backing of a full band à la ‘Fear Like Us’ and ‘Like… Alaska’, there is a true sense of depth and home town personability about their sound. Hearing Spencer sing is so much more like debriefing with a mate after a hard day than it is simply listening to a band meshing together some killer sounds. The entire listening experience is this transference of feeling, a mutual understanding. Whether you’re at a ‘bus stop on Hunter Street or Southern Cross Station’. As a collective, Paper Thin really mesh this beautiful combination of backyard punk with purposeful production.


Track wise, Japan song is a standout, a jangly, catchy and colourful tune that had me tapping my steering wheel profusely whilst lost in traffic. The full band revamp of Spencer Scott fanbase favourite “Hotel Spencer” is entirely wonderful and also doubles as an incredible live music experience. In fact the whole EP is backed by punchy hooks and a killer full band sound that makes you forget about even the deepest and darkest corners of your mind that make up ‘the state of your life mate’.


The Paper Thin EP is out now through Lost Boy records and is available here:

And preview some tracks on triple J unearthed here:


Also, the guys will be playing a show at the Hamilton Station aka God’s Country on Thursday evening to launch this really great EP check out their Facebook page for more details (

Adeline Pines album Review - Laura Kebby by Newcastle Discovered

Local outfit Adeline Pines have absolutely produced the goods with their debut full length album - “Life of Wires”. Such a diverse and often eclectic mix of alt-country tracks, with just the right amount of undercover punk thrown in to appeal to a huge number of both old and new fans. There is something so raw, gritty and real about the way that Adeline Pines, particularly frontman Corey Price, really throw a story of heartbreak, heartache and a true “life of wires” at you with the album’s intensity growing with every listen.


“Life of Wires” is by no means a passive listening experience and the album really showcases the diversity of the band. Standout track “Open Hands” begins with this killer yet oh so dirty guitar riff and the entire track builds with every listen from that uniquely solid sound. “Forrest Fire” is yet another faced paced, fury filled, angsty onslaught of sound that really sticks true to the underlying metaphor.  On the flip side, “Another Young Boy” and “Your Little Victories” are seemingly stripped back, which really showcases the true talent of the outfit. One thing that seems to never waver, is the bands uncanny ability to draw the listener into each dark and dusty corner of the track leaving the intended wanting more with every play.


The sound, although eclectically diverse, is somehow deliciously cohesive with a seemingly effortless flow between tracks. The whole album seems to be about these jagged and mysterious pieces that are collected along the way as every track progresses. It’s this process that makes the unique “Adeline Pines” sound so addictive.


Standout Tracks: “Open Hands” and Your Little Victories”.

Listen to Because You’re… Wanting some killer lyrics to connect with and some late night ballads but also wanting to get sweaty to some dirty guitar on the sly.

Buy this album because: You love a band that can change up the setlist, you’re a sucker for some heavy

alt-country and a die hard fan of nomadic wonderment. Oh and most of all… You’re a FAN OF LOCAL MUSIC.      

Find the album here:
Find them on Facebook here:

And support some really awesome local musicians.