Big Dog Pod - Valentine's Day Special at The Prince, By Michelle / by Michelle Kot

In only its 3rd show at this location; in a part of town that hasn’t seen much comedy since Nathan Tinkler; Big Dog Comedy got all loved up at Prince Of Wales Hotel Merewether on 14th February.

Elliot Stewart

The line-up consisted of a good slew of local comics with the likes of not-yet-legal Elliott Stewart opening the show. Stewart has a humble teen awkwardness about him and plays to this; with his brace face banter being the icing on top this delayed puberty cake. The audience squished this wholesome skinny dude into their bosom and hoped he wasn’t really about to neck himself because man he’s got some comedy chops!

Sophie Tiller

Sophie Tiller has previously made this comedy enthusiast squirm with her crassness and question how she got the second best spot in the line-up but this time I’m sitting down and being humbled by her on stage honesty. Within the audience there was likely a few of out of love folks and not only did Tiller throw some recalled chocolate therapy at them but she appealed to those who are sick of being told their love (or lust) needs to have a label. Like that woke t-shirt says “there are bigger problems in the world than boys who kiss boys and girls who kiss girls”. Kudos to Sophie for keepin’ real about it.

Photo cred Chris Wedlock

Photo cred Chris Wedlock

Another honorary mention goes to the very tall and talented Dianne Slowly. Dianne/John camped up Disney with a backing track and pipes that commanded attention and had us all worshipping the boobies and the glorious diversity of love.

The MC of the evening holding together all this sexual tension was the 16 year veteran of the comedy scene and damn funny quarterback Julia Wilson. Wilson knows which team she bats for and goes in for the kill whether he sees it coming or not. Not many comics can say they’ve conquered skanky bar bitches and offended the deaf community but this MC’s CV is definitely more impressive than my 9-5.