Big Dog Pod TiNA Showcase, by Michelle Kot / by Michelle Kot

The last Friday of the month has rolled around again and this time Big Dog Pod takes centre stage at The Happy Wombat. I knew to expect the sardines-in-a-burrow feeling; a windowless room with a few booths but mostly packed in seats that all filled with paying customers; all contained by a velvety curtain alluding to a promise of something strange and wonderful.

Photo credit Chris Wedlock

Photo credit Chris Wedlock

If; like me; you don’t mind rubbing biceps with a friend you haven’t met yet then you’re in for a treat with this TINA showcase. Ringmaster Andrew Milos shared MC duties with the whitest guy with a big ‘fro straight from Liverpool; Kyle Legacy whose love of c-bombs would almost be too much if it weren’t for the endearing accent and cheeky grin.

Paige Hally evened the keel with the acerbic wit and apathy of 1990s animated favourite Daria seamlessly delivering polished comedy gold that has earned her a shared stage with the likes of Rove McManus.

Steph Broadbridge first presents as sweet and skittish but it was soon clear this gal is impervious to the pervs and shot back her own ukulele strummed venom, inspired by self-help books, at the ill-mannered of the world and a heckler dubbed ‘Tennessee’. Alas this military consultin’, table thumpin’ American unit still continued his buffoonery with his buds way into the podcasting hours of the night. Every comedy room has a silly duffer and this one was in stereo and rolled deep.


After the penultimate break we were treated to double-headed closing duo: Brett Blake and Nick Capper; with the former looking like he should be from the ‘nock sporting a luscious mullet and deep Freudian love for his mum. Nick Capper, a stellar seasoned comedian with curls for days, attributes his loud delivery and stealth comedic balls to surviving the hell’s fury that was the always rowdy comedy institute of Newcastle for at least a decade, The Ori (R.I.P.).

Lastly Blake, Capper and Legacy perched themselves on barstools to complete the podcast leg of this comedy biathlon. With a slimmed but satiated audience some shady regaling of former lovers made it all seem a little unusual.

Ultimately live stand-up comedy was king of this night and the audience definitely kick-started their long weekend with some funnies to attempt to retell at a footy barbie or two.