BIG DOG POD - Easter Thursday Special at The Edwards / by Michelle Kot

It’s the eve of the long weekend and almost everyone feels a million bucks to be out of work for 4 whole days. Thank God or Dog for bringing out a very eclectic ensemble of comedic performers to usher us into the chocolatey goodness of Easter.

The stage for such performances is the garage at The Edwards; an oversized hipster dog house with charming bar staff and equally attractive patrons. So it makes sense to have Marcel Blanch-de Wilt Emcee; he’s tall, charming, has a bespoke name and a mind for remembering names apparently.

Photo: Chris Wedlock

Photo: Chris Wedlock

That charm came in handy when it came to managing the front row serial heckler, we’ll call her Amy, that would make Q & A blush. All the performances seemed to have a with or without Amy quality to them; like trying to listen to someone whose fly is down.

One performer that broke through the fray was Paige Hally; who is on her way to Melbourne International Comedy Festival with stage mate Alex Jae. Hally took the stage with ease and wit; schooling the local comics with her deadpan observations seamlessly dished out one after the other proving sticking to established relatable material sure beats the Weinstein worshipping paedophilia-laced shtick of some others.

Alex Jae.jpg

Marty Bright, always recognisable by a flower in his luscious locks, kicked off his set with a salute to the handsome barkeep Anthony. Bright’s material is delivered as per his name and flowed nicely into Jarred Jekyll’s particular brand of comedy/rap/hip prop.

To the novice comedy punter it would’ve looked like Jekyll was fumbling his way through but he really has carved himself a neat little niche of comedy storytelling that drew out the otherwise reserved crowd.

All up the Big Dog brought out his best for the Autumn Showcase all buoyed by the promise of a Good work free Friday tomorrow.

Jarryd Jekyll.jpg