Big Dog Pod Christmas Special, By Michelle Kot / by Michelle Kot

And so this is Christmas…and for Big Dog Pod comedy enthusiasts this means an extra treat for being good all year thanks to the host with the most Andrew Milos.

Big Dog Pod Andrew Milos

Milos co-MCed (it’s a thing now) with a timid yet very festively dress Nathan “Ross Dog” Ross; who was all red and no blue on this particular night. The guys threw out chupa chups and other lollies whilst showing careful planning ahead of the evening with a ‘how to comedy’ checklist on a whiteboard taking left of stage all night.

After the sugar hit came an icon of Newcastle wizardry and an ambassador for intestinal health; Mr Super Hubert.

Super hubert

Strutting on stage with his signature lanky hip thrusting Hubert had the mostly female audience clutching at their mouth just trying to hold back the laughter at a story that would make a nun blush. Supe’ can be hard to follow at times but he had everyone’s funny bone truly lubricated occasionally revealing a big soft heart beats in the chest of that weird bloke that should be kicking up his feet on a Lazy Boy but instead he’s sharing the joy with us.

Another ‘Newy as’ star takes the stage; Rob Bukey. He’s the Clark Kent of comedy schooling kids by day and teaching the world on stage at night about how much he loves Newy, whingers and all, and how could they ever dare consider chopping down Newcastle’s largest most erect member; the big Penis. Bukey mashed up Slim Shady and Slim Dusty via an ode to the shlong empowering this packed house to chain ourselves to the big one by the wharf because; bloody hell; its part of our identity!

Back to the comedy. Jen Carnovale made a strong return to headlining the Pod with more thigh-slapping tales of people and their annoying expectations of women, adults, teachers…just each other!! Then the new guy to close this merry shindig looked a dead ringer for your local RSL bar manager; John Cruckshank.

Cruckshank’s set was tight in a super relaxed way and the entire audience stretched their mouths with laughs and smiles as he told us about how simple it is to do comedy everywhere making the most mudane joke telling about jokes hysterical. It was safe to say we’d all drank the Koolaid and the ‘Shank was our new leader.

Goodnight Big Dog (Pod) and goodnight boys and girls until next year.

Big Dog Pod Christmas Special The Happy Wombat