BIG DOG POD - at The Happy Wombat June 1st, Michelle Kot / by Michelle Kot

It was the first night of winter and it felt like it had been raining for ten years. Then Big Dog Comedy came along to warm us all up with side-splitting hilarity and the usual quirky audience interactions.


Sophie Teller co-MCed once more and showed confidence and technique that has obviously come from gigging beyond the big dog. Despite the MCs it was an all-Sydney and beyond cast with Stephanie Broadbridge opening the evening.

With her ukulele in tow, the tall glasses wearing jittery philosopher waxed lyrically about love, friends, and stalking people. Broadbridge has done Melbourne International Comedy fest so the Happy Wombat is a walk in the under construction park that is Hunter St. 

Up next was the orally lubricated Dane Hiser whose energy level does not drop from ‘full on’ from the moment he picks up the mic to the moment he signs off. Hiser traverses from self-deprecating special needs monologue to the ego inflated beyond the recommended factory setting. His sharp delivery is no match to a lisp and this veteran leaves other pups in his dust.

Closing the chaos was Al de Bene, an American cum Australian with the shiniest porcelain teeth that led us all to believe he was a plaid-wearing God coming to warn us about wisdom teeth removal really being code for molestation while you’re out cold. De Bene was supreme alpha dog of the evening and we weren’t about to argue with the fact the guy knows his comedy and dentistry.

The thigh-slapping fun continues 14th June at Sydney Junction hotel, you’d be a sausage to miss it.