Big Dog Comedy - fundraiser for RUOK Day at The Happy Wombat, 28.09.18 / by Michelle Kot

It’s rare you walk away from a comedy show and, despite the talented line-up, the audience is the most memorable part.

Andrew Hastings (Photo credit: Grant Gibbins)

Andrew Hastings (Photo credit: Grant Gibbins)

Let me set the scene of this trifle of a comedian’s misfortune. The front row has a couple in which the man loves his cuddly “’puddin” body and wants to share it with all of us and yes…he was punching above his weight.

Second row has a slew of people that maybe are not regulars and haven’t quite grasped comedy audience conventions of listening, laughing, answering questions when asked and just shutting up the rest of the time. This ensemble starred forever young Fran, her unpredictable adult son and his carrot top friend promoting recreational drug use.

From there on the layers included feuding French-Canadians who at one stage said “who is Mr Turnbull? I don’t get it” and more mullet and moustache combination than the comedy veteran behind them could handle (she tore one of them a new one and the promoter had to break it up, yew!).

But I digress, comedy should be the real star of the evening. Maybe it is the poor ratio of fresh air to people but these comics sure earned their stripes/free beer in a night that has left some of us locals nostalgic for the baptism of fire Oriental hotel days.

The all-male Sydney-ish line up is looking like a ‘hair through the ages’ montage, with moustaches, luscious voluminous quiffs, emo fringe and long free-range hippy manes.

Andrew Hastings brings the emotional gothic vibe to this fundraiser for RUOK Day and shows us his beautiful belly ‘cause he’s skinny fat and proud.

Tom Sanderson.jpeg

Tom Sanderson’s hair and ingenuity in the workplace, hello employee of the month for picking up shit, are impressive and on this stage he’s nonplussed and embraces the outspoken weirdness of this Happy Wombat mixed bag crowd.

I can tell there’s some people in the crowd that have withstood the storm to see their comedy rainbow, the sharp and cheekily self-deprecating Neel Kolhatkar. I never thought I’d enjoy a rap from a guy in a polo shirt but Kolhatkar delivered the big laughs that washed away whatever those two girls were squabbling about because the long weekend was just beginning.

Thanks Neel!

Be a comedy crowd champion and come along to Big Dog Comedy’s next comedy night 11th October at Sydney Junction Hotel in support of the special doggos at Dog Rescue Newcastle.

Neel Kolhatkar (Photo credit: Grant Gibbins)

Neel Kolhatkar (Photo credit: Grant Gibbins)