AMY VEE - I AM THE FIRE / by Kian West

I'M SITTING here close to crying as I listen to the newest single by stellar artist Amy Vee. Not necessarily because 'I am the fire' is a sad song, if anything it feels empowering in a way. But I'm feeling an emotional overload that tends to happen to me when I hear people bearing their soul in music. It's a song that reminds me of the band 'George' and of the rich singer/songwriter history that this country has produced and it makes me really excited to hear the rest of Amy's music to come. 

I Am The Fire” -  will be available digitally on 12th July, across download and streaming platforms like: itunes, Googleplay and Spotify.

Juxtaposing her trademark ethereal alt-folk sound against digitally deconstructed beats and textures (artfully produced by Vee’s long-time collaborator Gareth Hudson), Vee has distilled over a decade of experience as a touring singer, songwriter and musician to present the first of a collection of new songs, exploring themes of grief, fear, acceptance and the all-too-quick passage of time. 

Following on from her late 2016 release Ten Years, which reached #6 on the Triple J Unearthed roots chart, the new track similarly Artfully produced by Vee’s long-time collaborator Gareth Hudson, Vee has Juxtaposejuxtaposes Vee’sd her trademark ethereal alt-folk sound against digitally deconstructed beats and textures.

Followers of the Newcastle-based songstress online will have noticed a number of teaser images and posts over the last month, indicating that Vee has been busy brewing new sounds.

“The song is essentially about empowerment and strength through adversity. This song comes from a slightly dark and personal place. It’s basically my way of processing some of the curveballs life has thrown at me lately,” said Vee.

“It’s basically saying I can endure whatever you throw at me. The world can be a dark place sometimes and like everyone else I’m just trying to navigate towards the light” she added.

Vee has established herself as a tour de force in Australia’s independent music scene. Touring the country extensively for over a decade as a solo artist, Vee has also moonlighted as a multi-instrumentalist and touring band member for a diverse range of legendary artists such as Tim Freedman, Jon English, Groove Terminator and more.

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