ALTAI - ALTAI EP / by Kian West

These young boys have been on our radar since they played at a TNL event late last year (Or was it this year? Time flies hey...) and opened things up with an incredible set. 

Recently we got a teaser of the EP with the release of track "Standing Bear" and with that in mind I did a little sluthing and got my hands on a copy ahead of the drop earlier this evening, to listen and give you the Review you need before you listen (and by listen we mean BUY A COPY!!!)

Turnover - slow groover to get you swaying. It bangs out in all the right ways to show you these guys mean business. 

Migration - Ready for a sing-a-long? Hit repeat. Fist pump optional (suggested). 

Flower Petal Boy - "I'm in pain" whales out at the beginning before guitars sharply connect with the track and momentum builds. 

Straw Hat - The slow chill acoustic guitar driven song we have all been waiting for. 'Pretty' seems like the right work for the vocals on this song, intoxicatingly sweet. Breathtaking. 

Standing Bear - shoe-gazers unite. This is a dreamy beauty. 

Now available for your listening pleasure on Spotify or Bandcamp (you should buy it!!)