Ali Barter - The Small Ballroom / by Kian West

When you walk into a room as the only guy amongst 9 women, you know you are going to have zero control over what is about to happen... that's how my night began for Ali Barter at the Small Ballroom. 

Ali barter The Small Ballroom

I had high hopes of catching Rachel Maria Cox (RMC) and Kane Strang, but it wasn't meant to be.
To be fair, it wasn't really the group I was with fault, I just didn't want it enough to break from the group so early. We arrived at the Small Ballroom just before 1030pm and the time at which Ali Barter was scheduled to play, it was also the time I had to leave to go and DJ, so my wife and co got to enjoy Ali Barter, but alas, I had to go work. Here are a couple of their comments when I asked about the performance in the group thread. 

"Tame impala cover was a highlight You forget how many songs she has that are hits And she loves us so much she’s moving to Newy - that’s gotta be good for mirage! I thought [the] gig was really intimate and she had good banter" Corinne

"Intimate but still loads of energy! Please stay and tame impala were the best for sure!" Kelly

Turns out Ali Barter is moving to Newcastle? I guess we might see some more of her. Ali, if you read this, when you become a local, get in touch cause we would love to interview you. 

PS. Ali Barter talked about A tea towel created with artist Lily Gloria Tattoo, to raise money for disadvantaged women and provide them with the most basic of needs - TAMPONS! Ali Barter collaboration with Gift Box Organic. FIND THEM HERE