10th Big Dog Pod comedy night, by Michelle Kot / by Michelle Kot

The 10th Big Dog Pod comedy night filled the burrow to the brim again at Happy Wombat with a spectrum of talent across 8 comedians ranging from thrice time performer to seasoned professional.

Local comic James Connors opened with tales about how a big beard and long hair don’t necessarily scream ‘bank teller’ and life lessons being expensive. He was then followed by the ‘Grandfather of Newcastle Comedy’ Soame Chopra who trotted out a titillating horse race in time for some cup thing that happens around this time of the year. 


Up next was a delightful surprise wrapped in 90s denim nostalgia and a double-barrelled fancy name; Marcel Blanch-De Wilt. Marcel’s comedy took up the whole stage with flare and cheeky mischief that had the audience barely able to catch their breath before the next laugh.

After the break pocket rocket comedy maestro Rebecca De Unamuno, who cut her funny teeth at Montreal Just For Laughs Festival, opened the headliner double act. Rebecca showed us her mad thespian improv skills and the silky voice that makes Huggies sound so huggable leaving audience members shaking their heads saying “naaah that wasn’t her, was it?” Yup. It was.

Rebecca big dog pod

Next with a kooky change of pace was Sophie Teller and it seems a spot on commercial radio can buy you a top place in the bill but not necessarily good taste. Teller bound onto the stage with cutesy leg kicks proclaiming that because she was wearing a ‘yes equality’ sticker she could pander to the stereotype of all female soccer players being lesbians and netball players psychotic.  It was only her third time ever performing so a few more open mic nights should help hone those jokes to something a bit more palatable.

Closing the night Luke Heggie showed he’s got his stuff sorted out and commanded the room with a relaxed brutality toward life that left everyone fist bumpin’ the big dog for such a fun night out and there’s going to be more this Friday it seems. Yeew!

Luke Heggie