Mr. Sauce - Liquor Train, by Hunter Powell by Newcastle Discovered

What exactly is a liquor train would have been a great question to ask Mr. Sauce when I had the chance. However my philosophy with lyrics is creating our own meaning is half the fun of listening to music. So with that in mind I bought a one way ticket aboard the liquor train till the end of the line; heres what I thought of my trip. 

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Laughing Stock Gala, by Michelle Kot by Michelle Kot

Big Dog Pod is the fairly recent but heaps Newy comedy institution behind Laughing Stock Comedy Gala bringing the pod out of the burrow and into one of Newcastle’s best designed dining et arts location; The Edwards. Starting off as a live podcast in a bookstore the Dog has grown into its first ever big venue comedy gala and its frothin’ at the bit with seasoned comedians at a decent $10 ticket price on this occasion.

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CECILIA DEVINE - Central Bar 12/08, By Kira Jones by Newcastle Discovered

There was a warmth of familiarity as I entered Central on King Street last Saturday night. Despite the size of the venue, it was overflowing with the kind of intimacy that only comes with empathy and shared stories. The tables were full and yet, it was like we all knew each other, somehow. As though Cecilia connected us. And as it turned out, she really did.

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Long time fan of Spencer Scott, I am loving what this band is putting out! 'When you call' is the latest release from Paper Thin and it has the makings of a pop-punk-pub anthem!
It's hard to shut out references like 'The Smith Street Band' when you hear a song like this, they'd probably consider that a compliment, but personally I think Paper Thin do a better job. 

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GREASE, a review, by Dzintra Menesis by Newcastle Discovered

When Kian offered me two tickets to attend opening night for Grease at The Newcastle Entertainment centre, I practically jumped out of my skin at the opportunity. As a student juggling assessments whilst working full-time, I don’t tend to “get out” much. Opening night for Grease was a chance for me to kick-up my heels and have some fun… And gosh, did we have some fun!

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AMY VEE - I AM THE FIRE by Kian West

I'M SITTING here close to crying as I listen to the newest single by stellar artist Amy Vee. Not necessarily because 'I am the fire' is a sad song, if anything it feels empowering in a way. But I'm feeling an emotional overload that tends to happen to me when I hear people bearing their soul in music. It's a song that reminds me of the band 'George' and of the rich singer/songwriter history that this country has produced and it makes me really excited to hear the rest of Amy's music to come. 

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TRACK PREMIERE - "Weightlessness" Lachlan X. Morris by Ryan Williams

About 6 months ago, in the deep  sweaty armpit that was last summer, Lachlan X Morris invited me to RTN and for me to blow the dust off my old trumpet from high school (that is not a euphemism for anything else, either). I honked and bleeped through 2 songs on his new album. Now the thing is ready - I think he's photoshopped my trumpet into something that actually sounds pretty good. 

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ALTAI - ALTAI EP by Kian West

These young boys have been on our radar since they played at a TNL event late last year (Or was it this year? Time flies hey...) and opened things up with an incredible set. 

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TRACK PREMIERE - "Other People" - Nicholas Connors by Ryan Williams

Something happened to Nicholas Connors in Melbourne. Something good.

The singer/songwriter returned from the big city last year and has since been spotted haunting the live music venues of this city - as well as the recording studio. Watching his set, either solo or with his band (the Lords of Leisure) I'm often sad it's over.

This first offering from the upcoming EP is reflective songwriting at it's finest. "Other People" is a cold-blooded-blues dissection of our interactions with.. you guessed it, other people. At least that's what I get from it. There a serious nod to Jim Morrison and L.A. Woman too. Music to accompany a long drive by the beaches to.

Reconnecting with previous collaborator and engineer Fraser Marshall (PALS, Lachlan X. Morris, RAAVE TAPES) a new EP is due to release later this year. I can't wait.

Wavevom - I Learnt 2 Swim by Kian West

A very short jangly surf-punk rock song from 2 piece Wavevom. Jed yells at the mic a sad tale of missing out on sunshine and hanging out with friends. These guys create a wall of sound for two pretty simple guys thrashing at drums and guitar. It's an unpolished raw sound that fits perfectly with Newcastles love affair with guitar rock turn pub rock turn stadium hit. Simple, but entertaining. 

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