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We make Mirage every month (and all the time digitally) because we love Newcastle and all it has to offer. Imagine how incredible this city could be (it's pretty awesome already) if we stuck by each other and made our community welcoming and inclusive for all. We support the little "guys" in the hopes they become the big ones and shine a light on our city. 
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Kian West,

 Ryan Williams (left) & Kian West (right) the two fun filled kids behind Newcastle Mirage. 

Ryan Williams (left) & Kian West (right) the two fun filled kids behind Newcastle Mirage. 



The primary focus of Mirage every month is to tell Novocastrian stories that inspire. With a focus on local arts and creative projects across the community. 
We love Newcastle and we think everyone else should too. 


Not sure what we are and what we look like? 
You can now download our older issues as a PDF. 
But we recommend finding one each month in Print across more than 100 local cafes, independent retailers and venues. 
Local businesses need your support and why not read about local talent while you do so...


If you have a local product or service that you want Novocastrians to love and your ideal customer is female aged 25-40 years living in Newcastle, that's our primary audience. 
Mirage has a slightly (60%) slanting female core audience that are mostly between 18-50 years old and almost exclusively live in the local region. We do post a few subscriptions to other states, but all print distribution is regionally located within Newcastle and Lake Macquarie councils.