Here at Newcastle Mirage we have always been focused more on making it easier for local creatives to rise to the top than we are making lots of money. It can be seen echoed in the guiding principles of 1. being 100% focused on local content, and 2. being completely positive and optimistic in all that we distribute. We love this city and we want Novocastrians to be proud of where we live and of one another. 

We do things a little differently here at Mirage...

Challenging the traditional print model of street-press where mass distribution across a region is often equated to readership rather than the waste product that lives in stands. We've taken several years to expand our distribution region (to more than 100 locations) at the same rate as our production capacity has increased (6,500 units and counting) whilst maintaining a collection rate of above 90%. 

How do we do that you ask? Maintaining a strong management of distribution points by collecting data on quantities left-over month-on-month as well as key relationships with shop owners and employees.

Why do we do it? Because we want a product that is read and that retains value. The kind of print that people keep more often than they throw away. Because in a digital age the print world has to evolve.

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Facebook: 6,688 Likes Instagram: 10,054 Followers   Twitter: 1,003 Followers     
Avg. Weekly Impressions Website: 6K

Who reads Mirage...

Here at Mirage we consider ourselves the cool younger sister to the likes of Newcastle Live and HunterHunter, the social media statistics and information about our print subscribers indicates to us that a predominantly female audience with a primary segment in the age 25-34yrs bracket. 

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How do we know this...

We compile all the data from all three social platforms we currently work across along with our email subscription info and this average forms the data you see above. The fun pie chart below highlights the kids of places we distribute to, lots of cafes, coffee shops, espresso bars, some restaurants, the coolest of small bars and independent retailers across Newcastle. We write all about local music, creative arts, new start-ups, cool businesses and anyone else that is inspiring Newcastle with a positive new approach. 

What kinds of projects should advertise with Mirage...

If you want to reach passionate Novocastrians, the influencers and early adopters, if you want the local conversation to start being about what you are doing.

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Need more info...

Contact us: info@newcastlemirage.com

For all Advertising opportunities - Kian: 0412 375 014

For all Design work - Ryan: 0419 869 695