Creepy Dylan's 10 Tunes to get you ready for: Cooked Memories by Kian West

I'm Dylan Weir, AKA Creepy Dylan, I'm Organiser/Promoter/DJ on Cooked Memories 90's Dance Party with help from my partner Emma and our friends. The Event came to be from us wanting to recreate the vibes of the 90's rave scene which we sadly never got to be a partof.  I've beenDjing in recent years at house parties and events & I produce music as one half of Woodfield Prime (music coming later this year). The first Cooked Memories was a really awesome night, and we're looking forward to making it a regular event.

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tunes... Jackson George by Kian West

Jackson_Press_ShotJackson George: Audio junkie, intrepid traveller, photography fein, bacon advocate, guitar tapper, knob twister & self proclaimed cynical bastard. alcohol evangelist & leader of the Illuminaughty. Sometimes makes music.



Headlights - Hot Toddy

(Super Magic, 1999)

On a recent trip to London I found myself in a dark little record store somewhere in SW1; poring over various crates of house offerings from the late nineties.

Upon recommendation from the rave-addled guy who ran the shop, I got comfortable with a set of headphones and got lost in Super Magic.

I was immediately taken by the ethereal analog pads, Chicago-esque hip-hop vocal samples and huge reverb saturation in Headlights.

The track builds superbly, giving the listener a sense of ambient space that widens to the point at which THAT bassline comes strutting in with the swagger of The Dapper Gentleman* starring in a Tarintino film.

As the song struts into the chorus, you get a glimpse of dirty little discotheques in the UK were this would have been rinsed in the late nineties; with little Prince-esque licks here and there, the track borrows a darker, sexier disco flavour that you can get lost in unbelievably easily. Headlights, a magical cut from Super Magic.



Mongol - Ten Walls

(Requiem EP, 2013, Life & Death Recordings)

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to head backstage at Ten Walls’ gig at The HiFi in Sydney. Many of you will recognise Ten Walls as the producer behind the number one rinsed track in Ibiza last season, ‘Walking with Elephants’. I’ve been following Ten Walls for a while now and jumped at the chance to catch him live.

Mongol is the kind of track that could easily be mistaken for a eastern soundscape; with luscious pads, delicate white-noise saturation and heavily reverbed samples give the track a huge cinematic presence. As the track builds, it is evidently clear that this is more than a ambient soundscape; a dark choir pad is slowly layered with the Mongolian woodwind motif, building lusciously to the drop, where the deep filtered kick gets everything moving and turns this track into something that completely danceable. I thought this track was really designed for a dark room and some high fidelity headphones, but seeing it dropped live was something I will never forget!



Back Home - Fritz Kalkbrenner

(Ways Over Water, 2014, Suol Records)

I stumbled on Fritz Kalkbrenner at an outdoor music event in Berlin in October. He’s a legend of the Berlin scene and someone I had never heard of before seeing him live.

His latest album, Ways Over Water is one of my favourites for the year and Back Home, is the catchy lead single from this release. While considered deep house, there are definite pop influences underpinning many tracks on this release; Back Home is certainly one such track. The track itself is quite progressive, beginning with some upbeat, melodic filtered bell pads with that signature deep Fritz Kalkbrenner kick fattening things up. The layers keep coming with processed saxophone and some fantastic synth elements that give a brilliantly catchy base for the vocal. More than anything, this has Booka Shade written all over it, but there is something a little edgier about Back Home. I especially like how melodic/ pop the track is, yet it still retains the rigour and respect of the Berlin scene. Ways Over Water, perfect for summer, get amongst it!



Wicked Games (VIP Edition) - Para For Cuva ft. Anna Naklab

(Wicked Games VIP Single, 2014, Spinnin’ Records)

I’ve been really loving the resurgence of seventies and eighties tracks as samples for new house/ garage reinventions. Wicked Games is the dark melodic offering from Para For Cuva; an interpretation of Chris Isaac’s ‘Wicked Game’ first released in 1989.

The track starts with the original guitar sample and a saturated deep house percussion element. This gives way to the absolutely smouldering vocal from Anna Naklab, perfectly complementing the reinterpreted feel of the track. The whole track feels like it has been crafted to fit with the original thematic style of the original, which is a really nice touch, as the smouldering, sultry, melancholy vocal needs that darker progression to carry the song without jarring.

This will no doubt be rinsed all summer!


Tribe (Bixel Boys Remix) - Theophilus London ft. Jesse Boykins III

(Tribe Single, 2014) 

Pretty much anything this LA duo touch turns to fire, Bixel Boys’ remix of Theophilus London’s track Tribe is no exception!

The track has unbelievable good bones to start with, fantastic production and a vocal that captures everything that this right about the UK scene at the moment.

From this, Bixel Boys have turned the track into a slamming house jam, capitalising on the cutting vocals for London and Boykins; they introduce some jackin’ house percussion and some thick FM bass in typical Bixel Boy fashion.

The vibe in this track is so infectious, it worms into your brain and sits there en-loop.

Personally, I cannot wait until they are back in the country and I can have a boogie to this one!



DJRPM01Regular favourite at The Argyle House, King Street Hotel, The Prince of Wales Hotel and Zebu Bar. You can catch DJ RPM, known as Ryan Meredith to his mum, spinning cool jams like these reviews on the regular.  

Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP – Sugar Man

Reminiscent of their first collaboration on ‘We No Speak Americano’ this new track delivers some funky house vibes, definitely a good choice for those sunny Spring Sundays with a few cold ones.

TJR & Dances With White Girls – Ass Hypnotized

Classic TJR adds his familiar flavor on this new tune with DWWG. It’s bouncy, fun, club ready and you’re sure to like it if Melbourne Sound is your thing. For added awesomeness, check out the video clip (NSFW).

Chet Fake x WKND – Lover

An unofficial release, this mashup of Chet Fakers’ cover from Triple J is just plain awesome and a must for any opening DJ. It’s available from WKND’s Soundcloud if you want to stay one step ahead of the game.

Jack U – Take You There feat. Kiesza

This has been a standard in my club sets over the last month, typical Jack U style from Diplo + Skrillex. Twerk vibes are definitely high on this one, not one for House or Deep House fans, but if you like to get ratchet….go for it.

Pantheon – Hold Me (Colour Castle Remix)

Let’s face it, Deep House is blowing up at the moment and there is some serious quality coming out that many won’t hear about. Get into this tune by Pantheon with a quality remix delivered by Colour Castle. It’s got the familiar deep vocal pitch and a groovy bassline….a perfect pre-drinks track before hitting the clubs.


TUNES... #HASHTAG - September by Kian West


THEY SAY 3RD TIME’S A CHARM… SO THEY SAY, LET’S SEE HOW WE GO…THIS MONTH SAW US PLAY AT ONE OF OUR FAVORITE LOCAL PARTIES, THE NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY’S AUTONOMY DAY FESTIVAL AND AS SUCH MAY HAVE INFLUENCED A HEAVIER PARTY VIBE TO THE TRACKS WE’VE SELECTED THIS MONTH.  IT’S PROBABLY A GOOD OPPORTUNITY RIGHT NOW ALSO TO THANK ANYONE WHO DID MAKE IT ALONG TO OUR SET… SUCH A GREAT CROWD, ALWAYS, ALWAYS ONE OF OUR FAVORITES AND THE SUPPORTS FROM BENNY P AND K-ROCK MADE FOR A SOLID START AND FINISH TO THE AFTERNOON. Looking for songs for our set for ‘Autoday’ and writing the top five for last month has seen an added bonus with us throwing some ideas around in the studio again, keep an eye on our Soundcloud for a cheeky edit/remix/re-edit/re-hash etc etc, (the list is endless these days…) of one of the tunes we mentioned in last month’s article. Now… On to business.



LIDO × I LOVE YOU Struggling through some administrative hurdles meant the release of this EP was a little later than expected however the extra wait was well worth it.  The opening sample of this song suggests we’re about to be hit with something deep, dark and sinister only to be quickly bought back to reality with the “I love ya” vocal thrown in with some big synths and shortly followed by some funked up slap bass, kicks, high hats, and clap for days and, …. it just continues to ooze funk as it goes further and further down the rabbit hole. Yes we know this is the second month running we’ve put some Lido in but we just can’t get enough.

Grimes × Go [feat. Blood Diamond] For anyone who is familiar with Grimes you’ll know that the majority of her work up until now has been extremely cruisey. “Go” takes us slightly left of the middle from her earlier work to give us a dubby, bass driven tune that makes you think festival central! Fun fact about this song, it was originally written for Rihanna, not sure about the rest of our readers but we’re extremely happy Rihanna declined and didn’t re-edit it into a trashy love ballad.

Caribou × Can’t do without Long builds, catchy vocal hooks and so much layering even a bricky would feel out of place. Caribou, a.k.a. Dan Snaith has bought us another progressive masterpiece with “Can’t do Without”. The song takes us back to the old school progressive house vibe and does not disappoint at all.

SBTRKT × New Dorp, New York. Where to even begin with this tune… It is so different from anything we’ve heard for some-time.  SBTRKT has always been a smooth operator but the cool, calm and collected vibe on this track is out of this world.  Funk, soul and jazzy goodness describe New Dorp, New York to a T, so much so that it almost feels like sacrilege to listen to it anywhere other than a Jazz Club.  Fair warning though, it’s not for everyone… Took a few listens for some of us to warm up to it.

Elliphant × Revolusion We can’t even say we’ve left the best for last on this one as this month has bought along some absolute gems but what we can say is that this one is right up there with our favorites for the minute. Having recently released an EP and receiving a fair amount of recognition for it we felt it appropriate to throw one of Elliphant’s songs in this month’s list, that, and we can’t get enough of what she has to offer. The whole EP is pretty amazing however, for us “Revolution” is the stand-out by far.  Saw wave synths, eerie vocals and a drop and grind Lindsay Lohan would brush at sees Elliphant’s Revolution fill out our last spot for the month with gold stars all round. That’s us for another month, hope we’ve opened a few ears to some different artists & sounds and we’ll be back soon with some more tunes to listen out for and hopefully another edit for everyone to sink their teeth into. Yours faithfully, S.O. Gloin, Hugo & Mr R. Rd PS. Mr R. Rd is still M.I.A. if you anyone sees him overseas please return to sender.

Hashtag - Top 5 - August 2014 by Kian West


Top 5 Tracks for August 2014


Hashtag-boys_greySecond chances don’t come around often in life and it’s not always the best idea to take up the offer however when the guys at The Mirage asked if we’d like to get involved again there was only one answer, yes. So…. First things first, a huge thank-you needs to go out to the guys at The Mirage for having us back, even if they do come to regret it. We would like to think we had some decent input in the last article but it’s probably a much better assumption to say that flattery will get you everywhere, either way we’re back and hopefully to stay. Being a little colder than usual of late, a fair amount of the tracks we have this month are quite mellow to tie in with the cozy nights we’ve had rugged up by the fire.

Coffee – Sylva Esso (Ms Mr Remix) The shivers and feel good vibes that were felt when we first heard the original of this track were sensational but the remix takes it to new levels. The build and layering right from the start of the MSMR remix of Coffee is beautiful, throw in a high end xylophone sound for good measure every now and then, a few melodic break downs and MSMR have brought it all together perfectly. A great way to start any day and if you get a moment check out the original’s film clip, fun times all round. Walk this Way – Lido Refix Wow, just wow! This tune is so simple yet very effective. Stripped down of almost everything but drums and vocals at points and a vocal hook that says it all “all my life I’ve stuck to the rhythm” this tune has rhythm and bass for days. The absolute final selling point for the tune is the last two minutes, the break down and subsequent drop could not work any better. All that she wants – Plastic Plates Remix All that she wants… All that we want is more Remixes from Plastic Plates! Renowned for his Nu-disco fueled re-licks of some great tracks, the efforts done on Ace of Base’s classic “All that She wants” are another well-earned notch on an already overflowing belt of remixes. No more description required, definitely give this one a listen or ten =) Strange Enough – Verite With an extremely cruisey start and some mesmerizing vocals reminiscent of Katy B and Imogen Heap, Strange Enough captured our attention on a number of levels right from the start. Some great synths and harmonic vocals get you straight into the song and it’s hard to get away once Verite captures you with that voice. While it starts out mellow Strange enough builds into an orchestral masterpiece that would sit well at any high-flying moment front and center at a festival and definitely has us waiting in eager anticipation to see what she releases next. Yes, this is her first release =) No More - Shlohmo & Jeremih If there is to be a 2014 retake of Romeo and Juliet, No More would fit perfectly into its soundtrack. It may sound weird to say but there is an extreme amount of conflict and contrast throughout the entire song. Opening with a grinding industrial sound it quickly evolves into a mish mash of synths, hi hats, low end goodness and layered with some heart felt vocals, on paper it sounds like there is now way in hell that could sound any good yet, somehow it not only works but brings the goose-bumps on in full force. Definitely saved the best for last with this one! And that concludes take two of our top 5 tracks for the month. Yours truly, Mr S.O. Gloin and the Hashtag lads






ROUTE 94 × MY LOVE [WBBL REMIX] Everyone is falling in love with Route 94 at the moment, especially the super deep and groovy tune 'My Love'. The vocal on this track is one of the sexiest and catchiest I’ve heard in a long time making it a future classic for sure. WBBL is one of my favorite (and before now quite secret) remixer/producers as he flawlessly blends Glitch, Hip Hop, House and Funk music. He smashes this remix by slowing down the tempo and adding an extra dirty base line that will sound good even if sped up. Definitely one for a chilled out set but you could really drop this any time.

D’ANGELO × SPANISH JOINT [KERO ONE REMIX] It’s very hard to get any better than D’angelo when it comes to Soul music – or any music for that matter. If you ask me, every track on both of his albums are pretty much perfect in terms of songwriting, groove and overall sexiness. I stumbled across this remix of Spanish Joint not long ago and was impressed how it kept the feel and vibe of the original version (not a small feat!). D’s voice remains smooth as butter through the added subtle synth lines, dancier drum beats and a piano EQ’d to sound like a 1940’s jazz recording. One of the coolest tracks I’ve heard in the past few months.

SHIFT K3Y × TOUCH [SHIFT K3Y REMIX] Released in March, Shift K3Y has produced a House track that will be the summer anthem for lots of party goers in the UK. Touch’s EP has a number of remixes on it but doesn’t include this version, a remix by Shift K3Y himself. For the moment it can only be found on his Soundcloud page. His vocal is fun and poppy and the drop is super funky. Touch is an awesome party track that will quickly get the D-Floor full and going mental. This track has been featured on Annie Mac’s radio show on BBC1 a number of times so watch out for both this song and artist!

TUNESDISCLOSURE × LATCH [SPORT D’EQUIPE SMOOTH OPERATION] Some Disclosure fans may think what Sport d’Equipe have done to arguably their biggest track is blasphemous. I think it’s brilliant. They have completely turned Latch on its head by eliminating virtually every deep house element that have given Disclosure their iconic sound the past couple of years. Instead Sport d’Equipe keep only the vocals and add piano, organs, blues guitar, a horn section and a very jazzy and addictive swing groove. It may take a few listens to get used to but I guarantee this song will have you bopping at one point or another. I can’t wait to play this at the end of the night and see how the crowd reacts.

SNARKY PUPPY × LINGUS Though Snarky Puppy have been lighting up the Jazz and World music scenes for years, I feel like it wasn’t until last year’s album, Family Dinner Volume 1, that they were in the mainstream. Embarrassingly, I had not heard of these guys until their Grammy winning and uber funky single 'Something' featuring the ridiculous vocals of Lalah Hathaway. It was hard finding a favourite track on their latest album, We Like it Here, as they all showcase how unbelievably talented this group is. Lingus, the epic 11 minute final track on the album starts out with a swagger that would make Jay-Z run to his mother, then crescendo's into a perfect wildfire of progressive fusion. Check out not only this track but their entire catalogue if you haven’t already!


Tunes- With Matt Meler by Kian West


MATT MELER IS ONE OF THE SMOOTHEST CATS AROUND CREATING SOME OF THE FUNKIEST OF HOUSE TUNES AND SO WE ASKED HIM TO GIVE US A SELECTION OF THE TRACKS HE IS REALLY DIGGING THIS MONTH. CHELA × ZERO Hailing from Melbourne, Australia and back with her Second Release on one of the who’s who of Indie-Dance/Alt-Pop labels Kitsune (France). “Zero” is drenched in Italo-Disco vibes and is vocal hook central. Y’all gonna want to sing along, I’ve had it on repeat for weeks. Super slick production which is no surprise as her first release on Kitsune “Romanticise” is stella and something you should check out too. Chela is supporting the Classixx in the USA, and has regular airplay on Triple J, she is definitely one with some serious buzz brewing. Check this out if you like: Classixx, Flight Facilities, Cut Copy. JAMES CURD × BEFORE THE SUN SETS James Curd, Greenskeepers boss man is no stranger to the Classic Music Company, owned by two of the industries most influential and respected, Luke Solomon & Derrick Carter. He returns with a killer 3 track Ep - “Damage Is Done”. Track 3 from the Ep “Before The Sun Sets”, is filled with snappy upfront drums, it’s loopy as hell and is tastefully sprinkled with vocal cuts & melodic toplines. No doubt a James Curd/Greenskeepers trademark. The fusion of styles used here creates so many dimensions to the track. The insistent bass-line chugs ‘n’ chugs along with the drums but the keys and topline vocal melody lets you dream some. Feel the groove … ?! Check this out if you like: Derrick Carter, Kerri Chandler, Cajmere.

TENSNAKE ×      LOVE SUBLIME FT. NILE RODGERS & FIORA The first hot single from Tensnake’s upcoming debut album “Glow”, Love Sublime is a rich slice of Nu-Disco Pop that’s laced with the amazing vocals of Fiora and stitched together with guitar riffs from the legend that is Nile Rodgers. The track production on a whole is nothing short of perfection, I have no doubt this will be a future classic in the months to come. The progression between the vocal hooks and guitar riffs throughout the track is just magic. Sit back, turn it up and feel the love. Check this out if you like: Flight Facilities, Duke Dumont, Disclosure. HNNY × NO HNNY (pronounced “honey”), Straight-outta Stockholm Sweden, drops a killer 3rd release on his & co-owner Kornél Kovács’ label “Puss”. HNNY’s back catalogue of releases is very, very impressive. His production is all class, with tracks that draw emotion so easily and that seemingly focus on the “Less is More” approach. “No” is a prime example of this with lush pads, filtered chord swells, pushing bass-line that’ll hit your boogie button. The drums aren’t complicated but work so well in suppling the endless groove with just the right sizzle and swing from the hi-hats, claps & light percussion. Not to forget the thick and full four on the floor kick that drives the track along. Lastly and perhaps one of the best sample pulls I’ve heard in along-time is the use of a short vocal cut from a classic R’n’B track from a trio of talented birds released in 1999, I won’t spoil it for you though and you’ll froth when it comes in. Check this out if you like: MK, Gorgon City, Route 94, Detroit Swindle. CHASING KURT ×     FROM THE INSIDE [LOVEBIRDS PIANO FORTE MIX] The release of this text-book piano driven house anthem came at the close of our Australian summer and has been flogged by some of the World’s best Dj’s since. Lovebirds is the solo project of Hamburg resident Sebastian Doering; half of Knee Deep who have remixed Jamiroquai 3 times, Bob Sinclair, David Morales and Brandy. Released on possibly the most recognisable label in house music for the past 15 years, Defected, Lovebirds “Piano Forte Mix” showcases what house music is all about. Filtered  out chord progressions, infectious bass-line and memorable vocals. Not only is the production of the highest benchmark, it’s happy, uplifting and is one of those tracks that can unify a dance-floor. Hands in the air stuff! Check this out if you like: all things house.