REVEAL: Tom Henderson by Ryan Williams

I've revealed myself a few times in the past, sometimes with meaning and sometimes without. I like to think I reveal a little piece of my fragile soul every time I post something to this website (please be gentle with me). I once revealed myself for money as a nude model - for art - so to speak.

Speaking of art, Tom Henderson is doing an art at some place in town, and Mirage is on board to show him some love, and also help him announce his art show 'UN SOLO' (more about that later). I sent him a word doc to fill out so I could share it with my friends (you).

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CPDCT – Cat & Cindra from The Empowered Entrepreneurs by Newcastle Discovered

Yoga teachers, creatives, business coaches, T-shirt designers, copywriters, photographers, life-lovers and total girlbosses… Is there anything these two don’t do?! Cat Mead and Cindra Banks are The Empowered Entrepreneurs.

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