Three female Novocastrian filmmakers and a local production by Kian West

Producer Catherine Williams, Writer/Director Heidi Lee Douglas and Director of Photography Meg White are collaborating to make their film ‘Devil Woman’.  An environmental horror film that will be filmed near Dungog throughout May.

Devil Woman is about the power of nature and human conflict over the environment, and its dramatic thriller format will entertain audiences worldwide” says Douglas.

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Mapping the Lake: Tantrum Youth Arts by Kian West

 “Having grown up by the lake, I have a personal connection to it. I think that our stories and experiences need to be communicated.” Meghan Mills, who is one of the 80 young people collaborating with emerging and professional artists in Tantrum Youth Art’s first major production of the year, Mapping the Lake “There is a lot that goes unnoticed in Lake Macquarie and a lot that we have to tell in this performance”.

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A chat with Woodriver Studios, By Ryan Williams by Kian West

I’ve known Liam, Joe and Isaac from Woodriver Studios for a long time. They touched base about getting something in Mirage last year. It’s probably the longest lead time we’ve ever had for an interview. The truth is that Woodriver Studios has been operating in secret for the past year or so. Under darkness and robes and secret handshakes. A sort of secret musical society thing, building, building and building.

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