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Sarah Gaul is HYSTERICAL, Comedy: Monday 1st October by Kian West

Do you need a laugh?
Monday isn’t traditionally a good night for a show in Newcastle, but guess what? Long Weekend baby! Yes, it is like that bonus Sunday you hadn’t realised yet that you totally need to do something with. Something special, like laugh, luckily we have hand selected this beauty for YOU!

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Eastside Grammar | Their new E.P, 'Head Cinema', & the struggles of self-funded artistry by Hannah Stretton

I personally love a good story about humble beginnings and when it comes to Eastside Grammar, humble at best, is how you'd describe these talented working class men. From uni mates in a share-house bickering about the footy, to creative jam session buddies, Michael Crellin & Charlie Raby have come a long way since meeting back in 2015. 

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