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How to Volunteer at Newcastle Writers Festival by Brooke Tunbridge

The Newcastle Writers Festival is happening 6th-8th April this year, and here's your chance to get involved! The perks of volunteering at the NWF is that you'll meet like-minded people, be able to attend free sessions, and get a free NWF t-shirt, all while giving your time to better the community of Newcastle.

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Women's Writing World Woes, BY AMY THEODORE by Amy Theodore

When you think about the world of writing, names such as George R. R. Martin, J. K. Rowling, J. R. R. Tolkien or E. L. James (the lady who wrote Fifty Shades of Grey) may come to mind. Considering half of those names are females, you may think women are represented pretty well in the writing industry, but that is not the case.

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Meet: Shea Evans, by Keegan by Newcastle Discovered

Shea Evans, a twenty-year-old Newcastle local, has sent in a satirical story on the origin of writing as invented by a Cro-Magnon man, who’s surrounded by a tribe that just doesn’t see his vision. Shea has lived in Newcastle for much of his life, leaving only briefly to travel Australia, Ireland and Vietnam and undertake a nine-month escapade with a travelling circus. He has been writing stories since age five.

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Newcastle Writers Festival, A Review, by Alice by Newcastle Discovered

The fifth annual Newcastle Writers’ Festival gathered an impressive group of great individuals, with over 140 writers from all over Australia and a record-breaking number of 9000 participants.

By Alice Modzelewska

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Talking Books w/ Wendy James, by Kian West by Kian West

A casual morning meeting with Wendy James, local novelist whose most recent published work is The Golden Child, saw us at the new coffee joint at The Junction – Pickled & Pressed – for a quick chat about writing, the writers festival, and the internet.

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Top picks for Newcastle Writers Festival happening this weekend, by Brooke Tunbridge by Brooke Tunbridge

Newcastle Writers Festival is on this weekend! The event celebrates “words, ideas and the joy of reading”. It’s an annual event held in the Civic Precinct, offering a range of free and ticketed event sessions throughout its three day program. The event is in its fifth year, director Rosemarie Milsom saying “it’s hard to believe [her] little dream of organising the city’s first writers festival has grown into an annual event featuring 140 writers and thinkers from throughout Australia”.

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