Another Rude Millennial, by Brooke Tunbridge by Brooke Tunbridge

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently trying to learn more about myself, to focus on my strengths and recognise my weaknesses. I’m not questioning my sense of identity, that’s pretty rock solid. It’s more about realising that I can do better to communicate with others, regardless of my personality type (which is very much introverted if that wasn’t already obvious).

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An Interview with Benn Allsop, by Kian West by Kian West

I sat down with Benn one Friday afternoon for a cold beverage and a chat. It is always hard to tell if you will hit it off with someone you’ve either never met or only really spoken to over the internet or phone, but the conversation was flowing, probably a new record interview for me. You are going to want to check this talent out after reading this, I promise you.  

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